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12. Are you a replacement for other high price federal contracting tools?

Yes, and for a much lower price.

We didn’t set out to be a replacement for other high-priced tools, it just kind of worked out that way.

We wanted to bring some much-needed functionality that solves one of the biggest problems in the government contracting industry but given our breadth of functionality and ease of use, we are seen as a replacement for other tools while offering more functionality at a fraction of the price.

Once we realized that we were perceived in this light, we decided to embrace this idea and in doing this, we really liked the notion of bringing this much needed functionality to the small businesses who want and need it but just couldn’t afford it until now. For medium and large businesses, it’s an inexpensive tool to help your business development teams become more efficient and effective with their time so you can maximize their resources.

With this in mind, we’re constantly adding new features that add tremendous value to our customers while keeping our prices extremely low.

So yes, we're a viable replacement for those other high priced tools with even newer, better tech that adds gobs of value, all for a fraction of their cost.