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6. How are you matching opportunities to my company?

We're really good at finding and using big-data.

Imagine everything about your government contracting company being recorded in all sorts of different places by all sorts of different government people. Now image a big-data expert pulling all that data together into one spot and making it extremely easy to use. This is exactly what we’ve done.

With this data we can tell so clearly what opportunities are a great fit for your company, that we’re able to rank them with an easy to follow score so you know which opportunities are the best fit for you and which ones should be worked first. This takes all the guess work out of what opportunities to work.

Here’s the most interesting part. You don’t have to do anything to maintain your search engine with TeamingPro. Just keep winning contracts, updating capabilities, buying other businesses and whatever you normally do to grow your business and we’ll automatically pick up all of the changes and expand your search engine for you automatically.

Imagine never having to maintain a search engine ever again while never having to worry if any opportunities slipped through the cracks. This is what we offer with our automatic opportunity discovery feature.