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14. How much does it cost?

We have 3 plans to choose from and they range from $999 to $4999 per year and you can pay monthly or pay for the year up front and save some cash.

Imagine how much you spend on finding mediocre teammates now. How many hours did you spend shaking the wrong hands just to end up on a losing team?

So, for under a thousand bucks a year you can:

  • Get straight to solid connections bypassing months of wasted time

  • Get more done while spending less on business development resources

  • Compete on more opportunities

  • Never have to pass on an opportunity from a lack of teammates again

  • Always be on top of your opportunity pipeline

  • Know your competition

  • For the first time be able to accurately manage your growth

All for a fraction of what you’re already spending.

Please note, our plans cover a single DUNS number so if your company has more than one DUNS number, please contact us for corporate pricing.