Government contractor teaming sourced from every active federal contractor in the industry
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1. Who are you teaming me up with, companies that are registered with your system or everybody?

We are teaming you up with everybody.

We wanted to be able to find the absolute best, most strategic teammates per any given government opportunity. To do this, we had to have immediate access to every federal contractor on the planet at any given time. So, we built services that automatically collects the latest data on every federal contracting company in the industry and we store that data in our databases.

As soon as you click that “Find Teammates” button for any given government opportunity, our system comes back a list of the strongest, most relevant teaming partners from within the entire industry for that opportunity. This way you know you’re always being served the absolute strongest, most comprehensive teaming recommendations per government opportunity.

Imagine being able to find strong teammates in minutes, sourced from every federal contracting company on the planet vs. months of shaking random hands.

This is the power that TeamingPro brings to your business.

Here's a video diving a little deeper into how we match teammate recommendations to opportunities.