Government Contractors Find Teammates By Past Performance and Automatic Teammate Matching per government opportunity
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The new way to discover federal contractor teammates.

We made every federal contracting company in the industry searchable and matchable so you can easily discover quality teammates in minutes vs. months.

Do more through business development automation.

Spend less time and resources looking for teammates and opportunities.

Teammates matched for you.

Instantly discover and quickly team with qualified companies per opportunity so you can work and win more contracts.

Sourcing our matches from every active federal contracting company on the planet

Companies listed by past performance

Matched companies are known and trusted by the government customer

Find every federal contractor.

Search for companies by set-asides, location, contracts, past performance and more so you can quickly find teammates for any scenario.

Search every active federal contractor on the planet

View a company's profile including contract dollars and agencies they support

Download results to a CRM-ready Excel spreadsheet

Get matching opportunities.

Get served matching opportunities so you don't have to scour for them manually saving you time, money and effort.

Latest opportunities matched and delivered every 15 minutes

Percentage matching per opportunity

No maintenance search engine automatically grows with you

Significantly reduce your time and expense looking for teammates and opportunities.

Avg time to find a viable teammate


47 days



1 hour


Avg time finding opportunities per year


288 hours



0 hours


Start Growing Your Federal Contracting Company With TeamingPro Today.

With tools that help automate your business development process, you're free to be able to work more opportunities and connect with the right companies faster all while cutting your costs.