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TeamingPro Features

Industry-Wide Company Discovery

Find any company within the federal market in just a few clicks.

We have every federal contracting company in the market pre-loaded in our system and keep everyone’s data automatically updated.

Our instant teammate search allows you to narrow down your results so you can find the exact companies you are looking for in seconds.

From here, connecting with the right companies is fast.

Vet Federal Contracting Companies

Vet any company in the federal market within a few clicks.

View a company's contract and government customer history to include prime and subcontract work.

From here, you will get an idea of how that company does business, bringing you faster down the road of finding trusted partners.

Quick Connect: Make a Quick B2B Connection

TeamingPro handles the professional introductions for you.

Reach out to any company on a business to business level through a simple click.

Each click and response are automatically tracked on your dashboard so you can be 100% on top of every federal connection.

Track Any Company in the Federal Market

 Connections List: Track companies and see a quick status for each in your connections list, all with a click.

 Benched List: Receive certification renewal, contract ending and other date related alerts for companies on your bench.

 Watch List: See and be alerted for every prime and subcontract win, all contract exits, contract infractions and criminal behaviour for companies on your watch list.

This is an effortless way to get the latest business intelligence information on both your teammates and competitors at the same time.

Opportunity Search With Teammate Recommendations

Search opportunities without having to use

We consistently pull the latest government opportunities and make searching them instant and easy.

Click into any opportunity and our matching algorithms will display a list of strategic teammates to connect with for that opportunity.

Once you have the opportunities that interest you, download them to a CRM ready spreadsheet for easy tracking.

Contracts Search With Incumbent Information

Quickly find any prime contract award, including task orders, with incumbent information.

We upload every federal contract and make searching them all very simple.

Using our instant search, you can quickly narrow down the contracts and incumbent companies you are looking for.

From there, you can execute strategies never made possible until now.

Matched Opportunities & Recompete Contracts

TeamingPro will discover both opportunities & current contracts that are a match to your company's preferences.

Our automated & customizable search engines are auto populated with your company's NAICS, Location, Capabilities & more.

Update your search preferences manually or do nothing and our automatic search engines will pick up changes from various government sources and always keep your discovery preferences automatically up to date. Now you do not have to worry about missing anything.

SBIR/STTR Discovery & History

Search all SBIR/STTR Solicitations, Topics & Awards both current & history.

Research potential partners with past performance history and contact information.

See which Phase I projects are entering Phase II and connect with companies that know how to work the process.

Vendor Gateway - Supply Chain Mapping & Management

See every subcontractor, vendor, and supplier down to the lowest levels within your vendor supply chain hierarchy.

Be alerted of issues in your supply chains before they become problems & stay effortlessly in control.

Find alternative vendors for any position in your supply chains with a click.

Who Viewed My Company

See a list of every company that viewed your company's profile.

Please note, Platinum customers have the option of Incognito browsing so their browsing history will be hidden from this view.

This is a great way to see which companies show an interest and sets up the next step for communications.

Auto Connect

Reach entire segments of the federal market and quickly connect with companies that are qualified and interested.

Search for the type of company you want to reach, i.e., 8(a) companies with Navy contracts ...

Auto Connect instantly reaches out to every active company in the market matching your criteria.

As interested companies respond, you'll be notified and those companies will be instantly organized on your TeamingPro dashboard so you can quickly start interacting.

Saved Searches

Create custom searches for opportunities, contracts and companies and save them to your dashboard.

Our automated engines run your searches behind the scenes and will alert you of new records by email and text.

These saved searches are your pipelines, not just for opportunities but for contract awards and companies themselves, so you can always be on top of your business development.