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Pre-Matched Opportunities With Strategic Teammates To Help You Win Them.

When we were working business development the old way, we felt the pain. In federal contracting, it's hard enough finding good opportunities to work but losing out to our competitors because we either had the wrong teammates or none at all was too much.

We built TeamingPro so we would never have to deal with those problems again!

“TeamingPro has become invaluable to us.”

- Teanna Jones, Office of Small Business & Supplier Diversity Program (OSSDP)

Let's compare how you find opportunities and teammates now vs. using TeamingPro.

Seeking Opportunities The Old Way:

Set up and maintain your search engines in FedBizOpps or other government websites and get emails delivered daily.

Scour your emails looking for something interesting and then do some searches on other websites looking for potential matches.

Time spent: Avg: 2 hours a day

Money spent: Avg: $18,615 per person - per year


  • You're eyeballing opportunities so you're going to miss some.

  • Search engines have to be maintained and get out-of-date fast.

  • This is about 25% of a persons time per year and most of it's wasted.

Login to TeamingPro

View every matching opportunity that's been automatically found, ranked and organized for you.

Time spent: 0 hours a day - automated

Money spent: $99 a month

Solution: Everything is automatically matched and kept up-to-date for you so nothing can fall through the cracks.

Benefits: We save you time, eliminate guess work and get you to the opportunities that you can win fast.

Seeking Teammates The Old Way:

Get out there and shake some hands.

You'll need to go to conventions, networking events and more to shake as many hands as possible. This is in the hopes of making a few good connections so you can team with them if and when opportunities come around that might be a fit.

Time spent: Avg: 2-3 hours a day

Money spent: Avg: $33,268 per person - per year


  • 99% of the connections you make in this way are a waste of time and never turn into work share.

  • This method is slow, expensive, outdated and extremely limited.

  • Hoping to meet or get introduced to someone is what dating was like before the internet!

Login to TeamingPro

Click on the opportunities that we're pre-matched for you and then click on the "Find Teammates" button for instant teammates.

Time spent: 1 minute

Money spent: The same $99 a month as above

Solution: This is the modern way to match so you can save time and money while getting better, stronger, more strategic teammates in your network.

Benefits: We save you time, money and skilled effort while opening up the entire market to you. Before you would ask, can I go after this, now you can ask, do I want to go after this.

Try our 30 day FREE trial. If we don't blow your socks off, just cancel and you won't be charged.

Try TeamingPro FREE for 30 Days >>

Try our 30 day FREE trial. If we don't blow your socks off, just cancel and you won't be charged.

Try TeamingPro FREE for 30 Days >>

“TeamingPro is extremely easy to use and I especially love the categories like new opportunities in the last seven days.”

– Michael Weeger, Director of Aerospace

How TeamingPro can help grow your federal contracting business.

Maximize The Opportunities You Can Work

TeamingPro serves up matching opportunities so you don't have to search for them. This saves you a lot of time per day by not having to scour FedBizOpps or other sites looking for opportunities. Our automatic engines find everything that matches your company so nothing falls through the cracks.

No more scouring for opportunities and no more guessing at which ones a good match for your company.

TeamingPro takes care of all of this for you, automatically.

Find Strong Teammates For Any Opportunity

This changes the game for your company. Instead of taking months to find teammates and then trying to fit opportunities to match your relationship, now you can start at the opportunity and find the teammates that match it in minutes. It's a better way of doing business.

No more wasted time and money shaking the wrong hands. Now you can get straight to the companies that can help you win!

You'll never having to pass on an opportunity from a lack of teammates again!

Get Into New Government Agencies

What's the best way to get into a new government agency? Through someone who's already there. Now you can easily find strategic teammates already doing business with the government agency you want as a customer through our past performance search. All the way down to the command level.

Find every company already doing business at the commands you want as customers.

Imagine being able to expand your business in minutes vs. months.

Get On IDIQ Task Orders

Let's say you want to get on a Seaport-e task order but you're not on that IDIQ. Now you can search for companies that are on any IDIQ through our IDIQ Search and quickly connect with companies that need help on their task orders.

Take advantage of task orders for IDIQ contracts without having to be on them.

Expand your business in minutes with the right teammates who need your capabilities.

Get On Existing Contracts

See all active contracts for any government agency through our recompete search. This will show you the incumbent along with the type of work and more. From here, you can quickly connect with the incumbent company and sell them your services for the current contract.

This is the fastest path to revenue with no competition or proposals to write.

This is the easiest and fastest way to market your capabilities to companies you know are winners.

Fill Out Your Long-Term Pipeline

Recompete data is the holy grail of the federal industry. Being able to get access to data before it becomes public is crucial to building out your long-term business model. With TeamingPro, you can not only search for recompete contracts for any government agency but we'll automatically match these contracts and put them into your pipeline for easy, quick access.

Always be on top of your business and never feel like you're behind the eight ball again.

Our downloads make it really easy to manage your pipeline either in Excel or your CRM of choice.

Know Your Competition

You can find out who your competition is in a few different ways through TeamingPro and we'll give you the tools you need to do a deep dive into their profile. See all of their contracts, government customers all the way to the command level, IDIQ contract vehicles they are on, set-aside info and more.

Know who they are through their Set-Asides, NAICS, government customers and more.

Dive into each one of their contracts and see exactly who they're supporting and for how much.

Try us FREE for 30 days and experience the next level in federal contracting.

Try TeamingPro FREE for 30 Days >>

Try us FREE for 30 days and experience the next level in federal contracting.

Try TeamingPro FREE for 30 Days >>

Start Growing Your Federal Contracting Company With TeamingPro Today.

With tools that help automate your business development process, you're free to be able to work more opportunities and connect with the right companies faster all while cutting your costs.