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Achieve Efficiency & Control of Your Supply Chains With Vendor Gateway

Achieve Efficiency & Control of Your Supply Chains With Vendor Gateway

Vendor Gateway provides visibility, daily vendor status checks and quick replacement functionalities for your vendor supply chains. This provides control while helping your company become compliant with the Federal Acquisition Supply Chain Security Act.

View & Map Your Vendor Supply Chains

Create Your Supply Chain & Invite Your Subcontractors

Subcontractors provide the needed information. With this, you have a fully mapped hierarchy without having to enter or maintain this data.

Assign categories of responsibility for every subcontractor within your supply chain so you know which companies are responsible work within your hierarchy.

TeamingPro allows your subcontractors and vendors to report their hierarchy and maps your supply chains with minimal effort from the prime contractor.

Prevent Issues Before They Become Problems

Prevent Issues Within Your Supply Chains

Be alerted of issues in your supply chains before they become problems & stay effortlessly in control.

Bonding capacity and insurance policy checks are automatically performed and verified by the Sureties and Insurance carrier. You always know that your subcontrctors are up-to-date in real-time.

TeamingPro is continuously checking every entity's status against multiple governmental sources identifying issues & alerting you before they become problems.

Fix Problems Before They Become Work Stoppages

Fix Supply Chain Vendor Issues Quickly

Find alternative vendors for any position in your supply chains with a click.

Click a subcontractor and the platform will search the entire federal market and show alternative companies with similar capabilities. You never have to worry about finding a viable subcontractor again.

Fix disruptive issues quickly before they become work stoppages.

Map & Manage Vendor Supply Chains

Easily create and track supply chains with infinite hierarchies & automatic subcontractor status.

Track Your Subcontractors

Effortlessly manage your subcontractor bonding, insurance, capabilities & certifications.

Automate Business Development Tasks

Quickly expand subcontractor & small business discovery for any capability, location or gov agency.