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TeamingPro FAQ

Why would I want to find teaming partners online?

Answer: The federal contracting industry runs on connections and relationships, the more connections you have, the more business you can do.

Finding companies the manual way is slow, limiting, expensive and forces your high level personnel to perform low level tasks, i.e. shaking the wrong hands.

Finding companies online is faster, offers more options and provides your high level personnel the ability to dedicate more time for high-level tasks making them more efficient.

This approach also provides the possibility of connecting with strategic companies which is a competitive advantage during source selection.

How can I use my LinkedIn network when connecting with companies I find on TeamingPro?

Answer: When you discover a company you'd like to connect with, click their LinkedIn icon and you will be taken to their LinkedIn company page.

From here, LinkedIn will display any current or related connections you already have at that company so you can reach out quickly.

How can I know if the companies I discover are trustworthy?

Answer: You can find out how a company does business through their history to include their current teaming partners and government customers.

Clicking into a company's profile will display their prime contracts, subcontracts and government customers. Clicking into a company's supply chains will display all of that company's teaming partners.

You can verify a company's trustworthiness through the information provided and any next steps needed for your process can be quickly executed given the additional detailed information provided.

Do you have everyone in the federal market loaded in your system or just companies who happen to register?

Answer: We have every federal contracting company within the entire federal market loaded in our system, over 600K companies. Our system automatically updates every company’s data and even identifies and adds new companies coming into the market, so you know you're always seeing the latest information.

Will I be able to see and use contact information for companies that I find?

Answer: Yes, we have contact information for each company you find including names, email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses.

What will I see when viewing my supply chains?

Answer: You'll be able to see every subcontractor as well as your subcontractor's vendors, suppliers and whoever else is in the chain, down to the lowest levels. Each company is represented by a status color, so you can see at a glance if there are any issues with any entity within the chain.

As soon as your vendors load their information, you will be aware of that vendors status on a daily basis helping you to be compliant with the Federal Acquisition Supply Chain Security Act.

How is the supply chain data collected?

Answer: Our system pulls public data to start each chain if available, else you can create an unlimited number of supply chains. Your subs and vendors will be sent links to add to their existing information or create new records, creating the proper hierarchy.

As soon as your vendors load their information, you will be aware of that vendors status helping you to be compliant with the Federal Acquisition Supply Chain Security Act.

Enterprise customers will have the option to load their current supply chain data directly into their own cloud based TeamingPro server.

Contact us for enterprise pricing.

Can everyone see my supply chains?

Answer: No, supply chains are private.

Any data collected by your subcontractors and vendors is private and can only be accessed by the prime contractor along with the entities reported in the supply chain per their hierarchy.

How can I manage my supply chain through TeamingPro?

Answer: Every entity within your various supply chains are represented by colors so you can get quick visuals. If a company's status changes, the system will notify you based on your notification preferences.

Status Definitions:

No issues found for this entity.

Issues were found but are not critical.

email alerts

Critical issues were found.

email alerts

Do you offer training?

Answer: Yes, we are always happy to offer virtual training. Our software has been described as very intuitive and easy to use so in our experience, one or two training sessions is usually all that's needed.

Can we get a purchase order before we buy?

Answer: Yes, we are happy to send you a purchase order before you buy.

How much does TeamingPro cost?

Answer: TeamingPro is surprisingly affordable. We offer a low overall price and allow for monthly payment options.

Please see our pricing page located here: TeamingPro Pricing