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Our Answers:

1. Why should I care about teaming for Government Contracts?


Teaming helps you win Federal contracts set out by the Government through either a RFQ or RFP.

The Federal Government puts out RFP and RFQ requests and awards contracts to companies based on a few main factors, one of them being past performance. If your company doesn’t have sufficient past performance for a particular opportunity then you can team with other companies that do. This way you combine your skill sets and past performances together making it possible to go after that work.

Think of it from the Governments perspective. They want to hire the best companies for the job to make sure the job gets done. If the Government sees a strong team with relevant past performance then they will be more confident that the work will get done and you'll be a serious contender for that contract.

Check out some other resources that talk more in-depth about teaming and why it's relevant to your business:

2. How does teaming affect my business when it comes to government contracts?


Well, your competitors are teaming and forming stronger alliances which in turn deliver more innovative products and services to their Government customer for virtually every RFP and RFQ out there. If you're not doing this then you're going to be beaten in the market place.

Teaming isn’t new. It's been around since this whole Government contracting thing started and companies of all sizes do it for a variety of reasons.

Example: Let's say that you're a small business with certain set-asides and you have a really good background in mobile application design. Let's also image that a large business is going after a contract that would require someone with your skills to win. This large business will have small business goals to meet that are imposed by the Government customer. This means that the large business will want you on their team for both your set-asides and past performance. In this instance, you would want to team with this large business as a sub-contractor and in the teaming agreement you should be guaranteed a certain workshare.

Now imagine that it was one of your competitors that teamed with that large business and got the contract. Where does that leave you and your business?

This is just one example of how teaming is almost mandatory in certain situations but there are so many more scenarios that make teaming a very real and relevant thing that affects your business.

Check out some other resources that talk more in-depth about teaming and its impact on the marketplace:

3. What does this have to do with networking?


We believe that the traditional networking model is killing small businesses and leaves all the power in the hands of the larger contracting companies. Our service provides a way to skip the wasted time and expense of traditional networking while achieving a much better result.

Networking is how most companies get on another company's radar. Once you establish a connection with that other company, you basically either try to find an opportunity you can work on together or wait for a phone call inviting you onto a team.

The first set of problems are, the ultimate goal of getting on that team can take months, maybe years to accomplish and even then, how do you know you're getting on the best team for that opportunity and how much did it cost to get that far? These are relevant questions since you will now be spending your time and money participating in the proposal effort for that opportunity.

The second problem is, the larger companies are the ones with all the power in this scenario since they can afford to employee the capture managers with decades of experience and established connections. This means that they're the ones calling the shots and seem to have a strangle hold on the industry.

Avg Capture Managers Salary: $153,478

Most small businesses don't have the capitol to hire this kind of networking powerhouse nor the time it takes to survive before going out of business waiting for a contract to come through. Over 7500 small businesses went out of business in June of 2017 and they were all using the same traditional networking model as their primary source of business development.

We think there's a better way. We believe that bypassing this model completely and going straight to the most qualified companies for any given opportunity does three major things that flip this whole scenario around:

1. This eliminates the time and expense of having to shake thousands of hands before you find one that might work out.

2. This eliminates the need to hire that expensive capture manager with their established network.

3. This shortens the time to get on a qualified team making it possible to thrive in a competitive environment.

So, using our method, you're starting at the opportunity and finding a teammate VS. starting at the teammate and trying to find an opportunity!

4. Why can't I just go after sole source government contracts and not worry about teaming?


You can, it's just a lot harder to do and you need a really specific niche or a lot of past performance covering the entirety of the contract in order to accomplish this. The contract offering also needs to be just right for your company in terms of competition type and NAICS combinations. It's not impossible, just more unlikely.

The fact is, most companies don't have a specific niche or the past performance needed to cover the entire contract offering that would justify a sole source award. It's not impossible, it just doesn’t happen that often unless you're talking about really small contracts meant for a single company.

Needless to say, this isn’t the easiest road to go down and it may take a while to land that sole sourced contract but if that's your model then go for it.

Here are some Sole Source ideas:

5. Why do I need your site's service, why can't I just do it on my own?


You can do it on your own but the results may not be what you want them to be.

Here's how you can do it:

Step 1: Analyze an opportunity you're interested in working. Make sure it's a really good fit for your company and determine if this is going to be a Prime or Sub effort.

Step 2: Scour a few Government and commercial websites looking for other companies that have the relevant past performance needed to help you win that work and rank these companies in order of the most qualified. Do this after you determine what qualifies these companies to be qualified.

Step 3: Find out who to contact from those companies and start making some calls and sending some emails.

Step 4: Now repeat this a few hundred more times to make sure that you get on enough teams to win enough contracts to make your business thrive.

Here are some sites to use to get you started: - Government Opportunities - Company Profiles

The problem is, there just isn't enough time in the day for a small company to take this on and expect to survive.

The time and cost it would take you to manually do what we have already automated would be pretty staggering. Plus, you really do run the risk of being late to the party since the companies you would eventually identify and want to team with would have most likely found other partners by that point.

It just makes sense to us that we should all focus on the one thing that we're really good at and if there's something else that we need to do in order for our business to thrive then we should consider outsourcing that something to an expert who handles that one thing. Timing plays a pretty big role in this business.

6. What does your service do exactly?


We use technology and big-data to automatically find teammates per RFP or RFQ opportunity, automatically match opportunities to your company's profile and we provide an easy way to find any active Federal contracting company based on their past performance, capabilities, set-asides and more.

Finding & Scoring Teaming Partners:

Our system analyzes FBO (Fed Biz Opps) opportunities and then finds companies who are the most qualified to win that work.

Our algorithm automatically analyzes and compares the opportunity data points to each company's back ground, past performance, agency relationships, location and more to determine if that company is a good match for the opportunity. Then we serve those companies up to you to contact.

Think of our service as a dating site algorithm locating the best matches for any RFP or RFQ opportunity.

Finding & Scoring Matching Opportunities:

We use your company's public profile, past performance and more to find the best opportunity matches and give them a grade value so you know which ones to concentrate on first. There are two main reasons why we built this feature into our platform:

  • There are too many search engines to maintain and since companies change over time, those search engines are going to serve up bad results. Our mechanism finds opportunities that fit your profile as it truly is, not as a search engine represents it to be.

  • We wanted to be able to grade each opportunity so you can see which ones were a better match for your company.

Company Search:

We provide a search mechanism to be able to find companies based on their past performance, set-asides, location and more. This is really good if you wanted to find companies that have past performance in general or with a particular agency.

Select a Government solicitation


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7. Who uses this service to find teamamtes for government contracts?


Federal contracting companies of all sizes that want to be as efficient in their business development as possible.

  • Large businesses use us to find small business partners.

  • Small businesses use us to find the mid to large sized business that would be good partners for particular opportunities

  • Mid-sized businesses use us to find both small business partners and large busines partners that would be going after work that they want to be a sub or prime on.

The better question is why do these companies use us to find teamamtes for any given RFP or RFQ?

Answer: How else would they find the companies they're looking for? Everything up until now has been a roll of the dice. A company is basically gambling on the fact that the teams they built or got on have a decent shot at winning. We can't blame them for doing this, till now there really wasn’t any other kind of a choice.

Now that we're in the age of big-data, it's possible to get to the best result in the fastest amount of time.

No roll of the dice required.

8. Do I have to sign a contract to use your service?


No, we don't want to tie you down to our service nor do we feel the need to do so.

We know that it's up to us to make sure that you want to keep coming back, time after time, to keep expanding your business.

In order to make sure that this happens, we're absolutely dedicated to making sure that we have:

  • The best, most accurate service imaginable

  • The best customer service possible

  • A service that you would feel completely comfortable and confident recommending to your colleges

If we fail to deliver on these promises then we deserve to lose your business and it's our mission to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

9. How much does it cost?


Please see our Pricing Page for that information

10. What if I don't like your service or it doesn’t work for me?


That's not a problem, if you decide that our service is not for you then our monthly plan has no obligation so you can cancel at anytime. If you pay for a year however you have access until your term runs out.

11. Is there a limit to the number of teammates I can find per RFP or RFQ opportunities?


No, everything is unlimited!

12. Are you matching just registered companies when you recommend teammates or all existing contracting companies?


We are searching and matching every active company that exists in the Federal contracting industry!

Being a registered member is great but has nothing to do with the search and match algorithm.

13. What happens after I sign up?


After you register our system will create your company profile for you. From this profile our system will find opportunity matches for your company along with teammate recommendations for each one.

You will also start to receive emails with RFP or RFQ and presolcitation contract opportunity recommendations with teammates for you to reach out to.

Log back into the system to customize your email settings or search for a specific company or opportunity.

14. Do I need to enter a credit card to try you out?


Yes, we want to cater to companies that are serious about growing their business and that takes skin in the game on both sides. Just enter your company info and you're off and running.

15. Do you store my credit card information?


No, we securely pass your credit card info directly to our credit card processing merchant for them to store and process.

16. How do I know the teammates you're showing me are good?


They only show up on the list for a qualified teammate if they have won a prime contract withint the last 3 years for the same agency requesting the opportunity and for the type of work that's requested in the opportunity as well. This means that they have the general past performance and are known to the customer.

You can feel safe and confident knowing that our teammate recommendations have gone through the proper due dilligence so you can get yourself a great teammate fast.

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