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TeamingPro FAQ

1. Do you have everyone in the federal market loaded in your system or just companies who happen to register? ▼

Answer: We have every federal contracting company within the entire federal market loaded in our system, over 600K companies. Our system automatically updates every company’s data and even identifies and adds new companies coming into the market so you know you're always seeing the latest information.

2. Will I be able to see and use contact information for companies that I find? ▼

Answer: Yes, we have contact information for each company you find including names, email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses.

3. Do you offer training? ▼

Answer: Yes, we are always happy to offer virtual training. Our software has been described as very intuitive and easy to use so in our experience, one or two training sessions is usually all that's needed.

4. With Auto Connect, is the reach out anonymous? ▼

Answer: Yes, you have that option. Our Auto Connect feature can be sent anonymously or it could have your comapny's name identified. This is easily configurable per each Auto Connect you initiate.

5. Can we get a purchase order before we buy? ▼

Answer: Yes, we are happy to send you a purchase order before you buy.

6. How much does TeamingPro cost? ▼

Answer: Please see our pricing page located here: TeamingPro Pricing

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