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Full-Service Business Development

What's full-service business development?

Picture the absolute best, most connected, professional, successful business developer in the federal contracting space and now give them super powers and imagine they're obsessed about working for you.

That's what it's like when you hire us to work business development for your company.

Your dedicated business development professional will conduct the following tasks for you every day:

Finding new opportunities
Finding strategic teammates
Finding recompete contracts
Work to get you on current contracts
Working out teaming agreements
Filling and managing your business development pipeline both short and long term
Communicate with you on a daily or weekly basis so you can make bid\no-bid decisions and check on progress

We're not like other firms. We can work more opportunities and connect with more strategic teammates than anyone else because we built the most cutting-edge tools on the planet to help us do just that.

Best part, we're a fraction of the cost of hiring a business developer and we're obsessed with winning you federal work.

Contact us and we'll show you exactly why we're the absolute best choice for your business development needs.

Contact us for a personalized quote: