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How TeamingPro Works

Business Development

TeamingPro minimizes manual, time consuming business development tasks & expands your vendor and teaming options.

Supply Chain Management

Our Vendor Gateway provides visibility & control of your vendor supply chains, reducing your risk while saving resources.

Online Vendor Discovery for Expedited Business Development:

TeamingPro replaces manual business development tasks with quick and easy tools so your personnel can become more efficient.

Quickly Discover Vendors & Teaming Partners

Find any active company within the federal market based on capabilities, past performance, government customers and more, all within a few clicks.

Save time & expense of manual research & networking by discovering qualified companies online.

Verify & Vet New Companies in One Place

Quickly research & vet any company in the federal market, saving you time while getting a comprehensive view of how that company does business.

See every company's history including contracts, government customers and more so you can quickly make an informed decision before reaching out.

Connect With Vendors Directly or Through LinkedIn

View a company's LinkedIn profile to identify connections within your current network.

Reach out to companies individually through their provided contact information or use Auto Connect & have qualified, interested vendors responding to your requirements.

Identifying connections quickly will reduce your time & expense while expanding your vendors options.

Vendor Gateway for Supply Chain Management:

TeamingPro offers comprehensive mapping & management of your various supply chains so you can have visibility & control.

View Your Supply Chains

See every subcontractor, vendor and supplier down to the lowest levels within your vendor supply chain hierarchy.

TeamingPro maps your supply chains and establishes lines of communication from the prime contractor down.

Prevent Issues Within Your Supply Chains

Be alerted of issues in your supply chains before they become problems & stay effortlessly in control.

TeamingPro is continuously checking every entity's status against multiple governmental data sources identifying issues & alerting you based on your preferences.

Fix Supply Chain Vendor Issues Quickly

Find alternative vendors for any position in your supply chains with a click.

Choose any level vendor & TeamingPro will display a list of similar companies with comparable capabilities & past performance, allowing you to fix disruptive issues quickly.

Establish comprehensive control over your vendor supply chains while reducing manual business development tasks for your personnel. Save organizational resources through cutting edge tools designed to make your teams more efficient.